Anyone doing mobile apps with clojure and react-native w/ reframe? how is it?

hello fellow lisp-infected! I’ve been out of the freelancing world for a bunch of years now (been doing enterprise architecture consulting), but am now in a position where I think it would be nice to run a small team again and I have a couple of good potential juniors. I’m evaluating what market to focus on, and am thinking about mobile apps entirely on Clojure. So JVM or CLJS on node backends, prob Postgresql for data, and re-frame or reagent front end, potentially wrapped in React native. I just wanted to see here whether others are working in this market and finding it a good fit for Clojure, what they are generally using, you know, “how’s the pool, water fine?”

In the past I did a lot of small scale enterprise dev in Python, so I know the ropes of small team freelancing, but have not done lisp for real money yet (mostly music coding in Scheme to be honest). War stories and opinions welcome. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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