Anyone interested in fintech and (within reason) in blockchain?

Hi fellow clojurists!

I was wondering who’s interested in fintech and, to certain extent, in blockchain? With pragmatic view of blockchain, not succumbing to any hype, please. I would be interested in connecting with you, exchange some experience, maybe see if we can help each other, potentially work together on some projects.

I am a senior product designer by profession. I think I’m not a total moron in that area, for the last couple of years I was redesigning the whole Deutsche Telekom / T-Mobile Smarthome solution (not released yet) and now I’m working on new version of Vodafone TV. Please keep this for yourself, I just wanted to mention some credentials.

I have also background in finance, worked for Ernst & Young doing mergers & acquisitions and international tax planning & structuring. Recently I also finished a Fintech course at Wharton (one of the ivy league business schools, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk and Donald Trump attended :D)

The project I’m working on is called FairPay ( The core concept is “money streaming” – transacting money in a continuous flow (sort of like web sockets), rather than in isolated transactions that is the traditional model used for a thousand years. This may involve technologies like Lightning Network, Layer 2 on Ethereum, Plasma, etc. etc. – that’s one of the topics to be figured out. I have several avenues how to meaningfully make use of this, e.g. streaming wallets pluggable to multiple service providers to allow “pay per use” in realtime, new approaches in dynamic pricing, maximizing the revenue and finding price equilibriums, etc. etc.

I am still in somewhat early stages, designing the product(s) and experience. I was able to create some simple prototypes in Elixir (my other favourite ecosystem). However it’s obvious that sooner or later I will need help of serious experienced developer(s). I am a big fan of Clojure, Rich Hickey, and the whole Clojureverse – I think it attracts some of the brightest minds, and the way of thinking that Rich Hickey represents is very much aligned with my own world views. That’s why I am posting this here.

If these topics interest you, it’s something you’d like to work on, have your own project in mind, consider joining me in my endeavour, or just wanted to have a chat and see, please ping me, I’d be very glad to talk! Let’s take it from there.

Thank you

Josef Richter

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I’m into DeFi and working on a fintech startup in Clojure myself. Very interested in this world, and modern innovations in finance and payments.

I’m not quite sure I understand the concept of “streaming money”, can you expand a bit more on this? I checked out the website but I’m still in the dark.

Is it sort of like authorizing a 3rd party to access a digital wallet? The 3rd party may debit or credit the wallet numerous times before the transaction closes? Like how a layer-2 network might process many “off-chain” transactions, but only write to layer-1 once?

Interesting stuff!

I am interested in it, not necessarily working in this field (as I am pretty occupied for now), just that it has my interest. So let me just say i’ll follow this topic casually and .


It’s a nice room divider topic; you either like it or hate it :smiley: I do think clojure would be a great language for this field too.

Already some thoughts, you say 'continuous, but shouldn’t you at some point be discrete? There’s some smallest unit at some point right?

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