Apropos - Clojure panel discussions and LIVE coding youtube

Hi Clojureversers,

I don’t have a great elevator pitch worked out for this yet, so bear with me…

  • It’s a Clojure youtube channel that is live streamed
  • we are four Clojurists with different levels of experience and different viewpoints
  • we catch up on the zeitgeist for 30 mins
  • then dive into some Clojure katas at a shared REPL for 30 mins and see where the code takes us.

We have done two episodes now and are starting to get the hang of this live streaming thing. The code is invented live at the REPL so is rough and ready and we learn as we go along.

The videos are up but it’s always nicer in the moment so we hope you can join us on Thursday at 2100 CET

YouTube channel

Next, upcoming episode

We have also posted the chat part of the episodes on SoundCloud

Panel members

Eric - @ericnormand
Mia - @buttpraxis on Twitter
Mike - @mfikes
and myself


I saw the first one and I think this is something that should be a new trend for collaborative learning. In a lot of areas something like this could be great for all levels to explore and learn a subject. I look forward to them as the come, but yeah, collaborative repling should be the next first class clojure thing, there’s a big opportunity there.