Are there any gui form builders in clojure(script) world like's ngFormBuilder?


Does anyone know if there is something like Form builder in Clojure?
Does that technology (form builder -> json form as data -> render form with library) make sense?
To me it does.
I think it takes away a lot of boiler plate and can build a lot of generic forms or prototype them faster than what we can code by hand.
I also think it lends itself to easier maintenance.

The company behind offer a service using this technology:

  • you build your form in their platofrm and they are persisted in db
  • you can reference the form via url in your app - one line of js / html and it is rendered
  • they offer data persistence for you form in their services
  • they can use the forms to also have basic crud functionality

Working form builder and renderer:

The builder source

There are some ideas on formative library.

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