Are you using clojure.core extensions?

I recently wrote a blog post about clojure.core extensions. However, I’m curious how do you deal with this? Are you using only what’s available in clojure-*.jar? Or are you using existing libraries? Which ones? Do you write your own extensions? Or just use *-util namespaces?

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I agree about writing your own extensions instead of using another lib. Not that I’ve ever actually done the latter… it’s just easy enough to roll your own I guess. I always add a *.util namespace to my projects. If it feels appropriate I occasionally move the functions into a separate lib (here and here).


To be fair to the libraries. They are actually very good. Some even implemented transducers and are compatible with ClojureScript. Same with cuerdas which is really expansive. But I never really needed that and as you said. It’s really easy to add what the project needs.

There is also naming (the always hard thing). I think medley’s update-existing is a better name than what I concocted. I guess getting inspired is a good thing. As they say: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. :slight_smile:

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