Ash Ra Template 0.5.0: boot-art, clj-art, lein-art, and Cookbook recipes

For those that don’t know yet, ART is an expressive & customizable template system featuring Clojure language processing. Think of combining the utility of Ruby’s ERB with the power of Clojure. That is what we have with ART.

A headlining feature of 0.5.0 is a new Clojure tool clj-art joining the re-worked Boot task boot-art and Leiningen plugin lein-art. All 3 tools are now at feature parity, modulo their respective idiosyncrasies. Each includes Cookbook recipes and sample projects to help you get started.

After using ART internally over the years to migrate projects to Clojure, we found that ART has become essential to most of our software development work. So we wanted to refine the tool into a form that is hopefully generally useful to the wider Clojure community. Those efforts have culminated in this release.

With this release, I personally still feel several pain points: Each template takes nearly 1 sec to render (due to ShimDandy setting up a new Clojure env), and error reporting. These items are next on the road to version 1.0.

Looking forward to your feedback

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