Atom, Chlorine, and Cognitect's REBL

My first ever screencast showing my workflow with Atom, Chlorine, and REBL.


Thanks Sean for sharing your workflows!

You did a very nice job with this video Sean. Thanks for sharing. I hope you do more!

That was very interesting, thanks Sean!

Thanks, that was useful, especially example of using REBL!
I used to code in Atom, but couldn’t tolerate the typing latency, doesn’t it annoy you?

It does annoy me sometimes, yes. What have you switched to instead?

VS Code currently, but I guess Emacs is inevitable next stop :grinning:

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That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing!

I found this very eye-opening in a couple of respects.

  1. Chlorine is totally capable as a Clojure plugin. I’ve been encouraging my undergrad students to learn Clojure. I think in the future I might change my default recommendation from Spacemacs to Atom.

  2. Although I haven’t doubted that REBL is a useful tool, I’ve struggled to connect it to my daily workflow in a compelling way. In particular, I didn’t realize that you could send REPL results there in addition to having a regular REPL connected. Very cool. Also, the combination of a solid system definition, generated data (presumably from spec), and REBL was even more compelling.

Lastly, for continuity’s sake, here’s a forward link to Sean’s post about his second screencast.


I switched from Emacs to Atom a few years back – after seeing Jason Gilman present ProtoREPL at Clojure/conj – and I’ve been very happy with a more modern (and ultimately much simpler) editing environment. Then I switched from ProtoREPL to Chlorine late last year. Being able to do everything via just a Socket REPL means you can just stick a JVM option on any Clojure process and connect into it from Atom, with no additional dependencies needed (the compliment library is optional, but you won’t get auto-complete in Atom without it).

As for REBL, yeah, the more I use it, the more I find it core to my workflow – have you watched the core.memoize bug fix screencast yet? I leverage tap> and REBL in that very heavily to debug the problem.

have you watched the core.memoize bug fix screencast yet?

Yes! I really enjoyed that one as well. You earned my subscription on YouTube, and I’m looking forward to the next one. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m thinking about building a small web app from scratch, using the add-lib branch of tools.deps, so you can stay in a deps.edn REPL and add new dependencies dynamically.


I would very much like to see that. :slight_smile:

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