Beginner Questions: hot loading, objects, chestnut, cursive, etc

I just want a place to store questions about clojurescript I run into and maybe find answers to later (to help other newbies). Any help in answering these questions is 110% welcome.

(T)itle: Escaping from a REPL crash?
(Q)uestion: When I get an error inside a #object the (figwheel.main) REPL crashes and no command seems to escape, so I have to restart the terminal. Is there another way?
(N)otes: Ctrl + C and Ctrl + D do not work.
(A)nswer: ?

(T): Running Chestnut in Cursive
(Q): Has anyone tried setting up a chestnut template in Cursive? It seems like the way IDEA auto saves causes the hot loader to not recognize the changes being made; preventing it loading those changes in the browser.

(T): Understanding the #object data type
(Q): Is there anywhere online I can learn more about this data type? My best guess it that this is a generic javascript object, which I don’t know much about. Further, I’m not sure how to work with #object outside the cheatsheet. The data structures page didn’t seem to have much.

Hi @AlbertSnows, welcome to ClojureVerse!

I think you’ll have more luck making a separate post for each question you have, either in #community-center:beginners or in #questions-help:how-to. Try to put in enough relevant information, like what’s your environment, what documentation are you consulting, expected vs observed behavior.

If you get an error message then make sure to copy-paste the actual message, including any output that came before it. If it’s too much to conveniently put in a post then you can put it in a gist.