Benno - new to clojure

my name is Benno. I’m located in Stuttgart, Germany. 25 years ago, we founded a consulting company, mostly doing what we sometimes call “realean” or “nonviolent consulting”. Our main focus is “providing an encouraging context in order to make the people adapt their way of working to the real needs”. To speak with a metaphor, we encourage liberating structures much more than restrictive frameworks.
All of that work has nothing to do with software…
But at the age of sixteen, I got my first computer and learned Basic and Pascal. Since then, from time to time, I’m having a hobby programming project. 30 years ago, I started with a small program to edit and print quotes based on text building blocks for my fathers business in C++. I worked as a programmer to earn some money during my studies of mechanical engineering. Later on, I was involved writing an discrete event simulation software in java. Some years ago, I wrote a little CRM for our company, based on Evernote API in Java and Groovy which is used. Two years ago, I hat the idea to write a multi-user web application… after some investigation, I decided to go for clojure, clojurescript, luminus, bulma, re-frame, postgres and heroku. Never really did html and css before… All my gui experience was desktop GUI frameworks like java swing. All the lisp I did before was playing with emacs configs 30 years ago. btw: I’m 53 years old. Probably, I had a kind of hubris - but I started.
Result: I faced a horrible amount of obstacles and it took me months to learn all the stuff and get it up and running:
For my next clojure project, I decided to ask more questions. This is why I’m here.
And I would like to contribute to “how to get clojure newbies up and running”.


Welcome to the community, @benno! As it happens, I’m also just starting web development with Clojure and Bulma. I’ve done some before with React and before that with plain HTML, but web applications written in Clojure are just wonderful to test with the REPL. Are you using Hiccup? It’s a really nice library for ‘templating’ HTML - you just use vectors interposed with your variables:

[:div {:class "section"}
 [:img {:src (application :logo-path)}]
 [:h1 {:class "title is-4"} (application :name)]]

hi seabass, I did it with Hiccup, yes. Enjoyed it. Currently, I’m doing a desktop project and since I know java swing and did not want to learn javafx/cljfx, I went for seesaw - which is very old but still pretty impressing, working fine and looking good even on hdpi when combined with the plugable look&feel [com.formdev/flatlaf "2.0.2"].

forgot to mention: in order to understand luminus, I bought that book and worked through it: Web Development with Clojure, Third Edition: Build Large, Maintainable Web Applications Interactively by Dmitri Sotnikov and Scot Brown
That helped me a lot.

I love that your want to make the experience you went through better for others. In the Clojurians Slack there is a channel for that (look for getting-started)

thanks for the hint.