Best way to learn web development


Im now learning clojure by doing the challenges.
But I wonder what is the best way to learn web development with clojure for free.

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Clojure Guides: Basic Web Development ( provides a step-by-step guide to get a simple server-side app up, backed by a database.


Another free resource is Practicalli Clojure Web Services - Practicalli Clojure Web Services

Although I am doing a rewrite of this book and migrating most project examples to Reitit

The :practicalli/service template from Practicalli Project Templates creates a working web service with an API using Reitit and Swagger also provides some interesting variations on project templates for a web app


Any idea when the book rewrite to reitit is ready ?

@RoelofWobben Reitit is high on the very long Todo list for Practicalli

I will endeavour to complete one project using Reitit this week, a Clojure API with example routes, OpenAPI (swagger) interactive docs, a custom ring middleware for tracing logs.

A complete example of the working code can already be generated via Practicalli Project Templates, using the practicalli/service template with deps-new

Updates to Practicalli content are posted in the #practicalli channel on the Clojurians Slack community and the Practicalli Journal

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