Blog: How to package Clojurescript libraries

New blog about Clojurescript libraries and npm

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thought you were going to talk about Clojars, turned out not…

Well, I talk about Clojars in the first sentence… but afaik there isn’t that much to say. I mean, how to use Clojars is already documented isn’t it?

I have to say ClojureScript today made me a bit confused. I started using ClojureScript in 2015 and bundled tens of my packages sending to Clojars. Now ClojureScript community is trying to include npm deps as well in ClojureScript packages. I could do that in a messy way with a deps.cljs in shadow-cljs, but sometimes I just feel confused if I can really make this two tools working together seamlessly. Not reading whole post in detail though…

ok. perhaps the post should make clear the motivation for using npm is that it’s a vast library ecosystem that Clojurescript users might want to make use of, either directly or via Clojurescript libraries.

In some ways, that’s almost too obvious to say because I’d imagine most people who might use Clojurescript will have heard of React and understand there are Clojurescript wrappers.

Maybe I need some detailed examples…

The post links to 3 different Clojurescript libraries that use code that’s hosted in npm.

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