Blog post: Converting CSV to parquet in Clojure

Following some conversations we had at the conj we wrote a short article about using Clojure to convert CSV into parquet files.

Interest is certainly building around parquet as a file format, and we think it’s good tech. This is potentially exciting if you work with tabular/columnar data and want it to load fast.

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Did you wrap the Java thing, or did you implement it from scratch?

Is the source code published?

Great questions!

That article is about a new single-jar deps-only lib that simplifies doing the work described in the article:

The heavy lifting is done by our library for tabular data processing (TMD)

hth - keep the good questions coming!

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That looks like a lot of work that went into it.

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You’re welcome.

And indeed, this is just a small moment in a much larger undertaking of trying to understand “functional data science”.

Thanks for looking into it.