Blog post feedback please: Clojure Web Development Landscape

Hi all — I’ve been researching the landscape of Clojure web development for my personal needs, and I thought I’d try to distill what I’ve found in a blog post:

I’d really appreciate your feedback and suggestions — I hope I haven’t missed or misjudged some of the options out there!


It’s a good article, all of the really well thought out, well tested, mature libraries and frameworks made it in.

I’m curious how you would stack my not well tested, immature but reasonably well thought out full stack “old school” framework against the rest of them:

I kind of hesitate to throw my hat in the ring mostly because it’s still really early days and I’m changing the API constantly, especially around unifying database and validation (from forms) error handling, but give the README a once over if you’re feeling up to it

I have been working a template for web development over the last few years that served me pretty well.
Recently I made a major overhaul where I switched to using re-frame only for the client side.
It lacks current documentation, but the gist is, it is an opioniated template with the following core libraries:

  • component
  • postgresql as database
  • re-frame as cljs library
  • figwheel for reloading
  • etaoin for frontend tests
  • bidi for routing (back / frontend)
  • buddy for login / logout (jwt token is used and the complete UI for login / logout is integrated in the template)
  • tempura for i18n
  • phrase for form validation

Plus some more.
You can find it here:

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I am curious to know what made you disregard Liberator and Hoplon?
I have not used Hoplon, but it looks like a simple but powerful concept with a good Clojure and Clojurescript implementation.
Liberator I have used in production for several years now, and have been quite satisfied with it.

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Thanks for the suggestions — I thought that Hoplon was front-end only, but turns out that it has a server-side story as well.

I didn’t know about Liberator at all, so I’ll update the post. Thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome. :smile:
I hope to get the time to play around with both fulcro and Hoplon at some point, so I can know which of the two I prefer. Conceptually I am very much in favor of hoplons front-end story, simply because I feel like React over-complicates things. But then again, I have only worked with react-based ui-libraries and pure react in JS, so I might end up preferring React anyway.

Nitpick: I think it’s Luminus, not “Luminous”:

Nice and instructive compilation! I learned of many tools I was unclear or ignorant of. I notice that you don’t seem to include much of the CLJS world, such as Reagent, Ohm, or Reframe.

I only wanted to talk about server side, as it’s much easier to reason about, compare, and make a decision. Front end is much much more involved.

Thanks — I’ve made the corrections.

Good to know! Excellent compilation still.

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