Books on Machine/Deep Learning

So Ive been taking a course on Machine/Deep Learning at a local university. Its in Python.
Since im learning Clojure as well I would like to combine both. Machine Learning is a topic that has continuous updates. I was wondering if anyone could point me out to recent books on the topic using Clojure.
Its my understanding that Cortex is the prefered library on the field, but I haven’t found any books on the topic.
The only book I found was Clojure for Machine Learning.
but it doesnt seem to cover cortex. So i believe it might be outdated.
Any suggestions?

"Clojure for Data Science", Henry Garner
Statistics, big data, and machine learning for Clojure programmers

Not about ML per se, but may be related -

"Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook, Second Edition", Eric Rochester
Dive into data analysis with Clojure through over 100 practical recipes for every stage of the analysis and collection process

I haven’t started it yet, though.


There is also:

Clojure for Machine Learning

But since it The book you mentioned uses clatrix as a backend to core.matrix which is pretty much abandoned you might want to reproduce examples either directly with neanderthal or you might switch the backend using denisovan.

Also recently I released clj-boost which is a Clojure wrapper for XGBoost


this is the same book James_S mentioned, actually.

You’re right, thanks! I didn’t notice, post edited

Please checkout the Clojure bindings for Apache MXNet

If you have any troubles feel free to ping me here or on Clojarian #mxnet slack or create an Issue.

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