Browder - A feed reader

Clojure(script) is my first programming language and Browder is my first useful project. It’s a feed reader that runs in the Browser. It’s not perfect but I am quite happy that it works at all :slightly_smiling_face:

I only tested it on my (ancient) phone and notebook. Performance seems ok …

Many thanks to the Clojure community for all the efforts, the libs and blog posts that made it simple (not easy!) to get started. :fist:


… now when i read…

and check out that link… i have actually had a hard time believing… since… well… THIS IS FAR TOO GOOD!!!.. also… i think picking up clojure is no easy undertaking… in fact i’d say doing so is super hard for experienced programmers and downright impossible for beginners… ( personally i have been doing clj for a while now… and i am still struggling with it… like all of the time!!! :smile: )

in any case… always the skeptic :smile: i clicked around the web a bit… you know… investigating :smile: … and so i found ( among other cool stuff you did ) this: which i think is also dope!

bottom line… i guess i just wanted to compliment you not only on “your first useful project” but also on your entire learning path / progress! ( SUPER IMPRESSIVE!!! )… also… seeing someone push themselves this hard… conquering ever greater heights… well… i find that to be very inspiring and also motivating… and so… and with that… i guess not only do i want to say to you chapeau!!! but also thank you!


Oh wow, thank you for your kind words :blush:
Haikueditor really was “easy”. The real work is done by a JS Lib. I just made some components.

I studied Physics for a while. I don’t remember much but the way of thinking and how to solve problems stuck somehow. It also taught me to fear complexity.

I also believe that being a photojournalist helped a lot with being open minded, look for the unexpected and deal with frustration. :joy:


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