Building Attendify

  • We are building events management platform
  • Both front-end and backend are written entirely in Clojure (well, there are still some parts on both client and server which are done in different languages, but not much)
  • No particular reason AFAIK. It started with Clojure on the backend (because devs knew the language) and then infected front-end with ClojureScript
  • It feels good so far :slight_smile:

On the client we have perf problems in some parts due to more or less extensive data transformations and frequent re-rendering in React, but in general everything runs smoothly. Currently we are running around 50k LOC of ClojureScript on the front-end and around the same amount on the backend. We use Rum and maybe a couple ClojureScript libraries, but mostly all dependencies are coming from NPM and bundled separately so we do extensive interop and always forget to update externs :slight_smile:

Nice, would like to be able to use clojure and clojurescript in my daily job. For a pet project Iā€™m doing now I try to only use the google closure stuff, and no other framework. After doing things with re-frame it was a bit of a puzzle to get some things done, like putting html somewhere, but I really like to have more control on what happens when. Main reason I choose for this approach wat to easily generate the html server-side. But it seems like everything clojurescript is using react nowadays.

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