Building cannot resolve `http2` module for `:browser` target

Hello! I’m brand new, but have been banging my head against the wall with this. I’m trying to build with the aws-amplify npm packge. I get this error when compiling with :target :browser:

The required JS dependency "http2" is not available, it was required by ...

Changing the build-target to be :node-script allows shadow-cljs to resolve the dependency and compile successfully. Makes sense.

However I am building an SPA and, as far as I understand, I want to be targeting :browser. Is this incorrect? Is there another way to pull in this dependency when compiling for the browser?

Thanks for any pointers!


Turns out this is a bug in shadow-cljs. I’ll see about fixing that soon.

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Should be fixed in shadow-cljs version 2.8.102.


Excellent! Thanks so much for the quick response and bug fix!