Buran - bidirectional, data-driven RSS/Atom feed consumer, producer and feeds aggregator

Hi there!
I would like to introduce you a tiny utility for working with RSS & Atom feeds β€” Buran.

Buran is a library designed to consume and produce any RSS/Atom feeds by using a data-driven approach. It works as ROME wrapper, but in Buran, feeds are just data structures.


It would be extra sweet if it supported use in ClojureScript projects.

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Nice idea. Could you share your thoughts of using CLJS version of Buran? Where would you use it? Backend or frontend? If frontend, then what task it has to solve?

Personally I started to think it would be a nice way to consume podcast feeds in a mobile app.

I can imagine people writing their servers in cljs would like to be able to use your library. And then you have Electron and similar environments. ClojureScript has an amazing reach.

Agree with you. These ways of using are reasonable. I have to think about it. Thanks!

Now realizing that it might be a lot of work unless we can find a good equivalent to ROME to wrap…

Well, I am looking at the tubax. It is not an equivalent but could be a good starting point. I guess.

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