Call for feedbacks on a new frontend approach (Mook library)

Hello everyone,

Today I’m releasing a library and an introductory article about Mook, an alternative approach on frontend state management.

I would really appreciate having feedbacks before freezing the API of the library.

Thanks a lot



I’ve skimmed through your article and I like the ideas.
Looking forward to test this out in the next weeks or so.

Regarding the name, I saw there is .


Yes , I saw clj-mook on Clojars when I pushed the first release. And I was thankful to the owner for adding “clj-” to his project :wink:

If you have any question don’t hesitate to do so on the #mook channel on Slack Clojurians.

Great initiative, congratulations. I wouldn’t use it because I feel it’s a big upfront investment. Besides acknowledging the problems you mention about Re-Frame I feel stick to simple solutions and just use advanced features when necessary.

One suggestion: your article is big, you would benefit splitting it in Rationale, Inner Mechanisms and Quick start. Personally I’m more interested with the API and how my code would look like than how things works under the hood.

Thanks for your feedback.
You do well not using it (in production at least) since the implementation is in a very early stage.
For the time being, it’s better playing with it to explore what this approach is able to deliver.

I know that the article is very long but I split it once already (which made the two currently published articles).

But for the Quick Start, the README of the Github is meant for that. the articles will keep the Inner Mechanism parts.
I just pushed a new version of Mook tonight. Don’t hesitate to tell if the current README is well suited for a Quick Start (
I also published various TodoMVC examples.

Hello everyone,
I just published a new version of the Mook introductory article : corresponding to the v0.2.0 of the library.
About Mook new version, there are a lot of changes :
One of the major changes is the ability to have a declarative way of describing mutations :
Feedbacks are welcomed

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