Call for Participation: BOB 2024 (Berlin, March 15)

			       BOB 2024
	     “What happens if we simply use what’s best?”
		       March 15, 2024, Berlin

BOB conference is a place for developers, architects, and decision-makers
to explore technologies beyond the mainstream in software development
and to find the best tools available to software developers today. Our
goal is for all participants of BOB to return home with new insights
that enable them to improve their own software development

The program features 14 talks and 8 tutorials on current topics:

Talk subjects includes functional programming, property-based testing,
service API design, programming for spacecraft, accessibility,
hypermedia, business processes, software analytics, event-based
communication and zero-knowledge proofs.

BOB will feature tutorials on F#, Haskell, Lean, SwiftUI, Copilot, the
K Framework, functional domain modelling, and Liberating Structures.

Andreas Rossberg will give the keynote talk.

Registration is open - online tickets are all under 200€, and many
discount options are available, as are grants for members of groups
underrepresented in tech:
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The early-bird discounts for BOB 2024 end a week from now!

BOB is two weeks from now on Friday, March 15 - hope to see you there!

I’m looking forward to the BOB conference - I’ll be there!