Calva coexistence with other Clojure REPL extensions improved

Calva v2.0.158 just out. The latest thing added is a setting which can hide the REPL UI elements, making it less confusing to use Calva together with, say, Clover. Check the docs for details:

Lots of work and care have been put on Calva’s static services. And since we added clojure-lsp Calva users now benefit from all the work put into that as well. We of course hope that you will also want to use the REPL client included, but for some tasks it won’t let you connect to the REPL server you need to, and then this static only option could come in handy.

Speaking about clojure-lsp. It was added some few days after Christmas, and both Calva’s support for it and the LSP server itself has improved A LOT since then. So if you haven’t used in a while, I suggest you do so again now. You’ll find that some non-clojure-lsp things have happened as well. Here’s a the changelog items since we added clojure-lsp support:

Happy Clojure coding! :heart:


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