Calva + figwheel, cannot jack-in or connect

I’m using vs code on windows 10 for developing with leiningen. But I cannot get it up and running
I started with
lein new figwheel myapp
and in myapp
lein figwheel
I get the cljs repl up and running, and a web page pops up. Nice it works.
Now the issue I have is when I try to connect Calva. In the documentation ( it claims to work out of the box with jack-in.

Anyone else that has this problem?
Otherwise, I would love tips for what tools you use for cljs on windows.

the error messages I get is

Creating cljs repl session...
Connecting cljs repl: Leiningen + Figwheel Main...
The Calva Connection Log might have more connection progress information.
There are no figwheel build files (.cljs.edn) in the project directory.
Connection to Figwheel Main aborted.
Error while connecting cljs REPL: Aborted

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know, but one clue is that Figwheel is not the same thing as Figwheel Main. After you used lein new figwheel, Calva reported trouble connecting to Figwheel Main. You might check into whether Calva has a Figwheel feature, or on the other hand you could create a Figwheel Main project.