Can Rebel-readline and Whidby work together?

I’m addicted to colours and am trying to get Rebel-readline and Whidbey to work together. Rebel comes with some colours, but Whidbey also colours the results.

Whidbey injects itself into the Lein REPL task, and when I run a normal lein repl it works correctly. When I do [true false] it colours that output.

However, I can’t figure out how to have it run when I run lein rebl which is a shortcut for [“trampoline” “run” “-m” “rebel-readline.main”]}. When I do [true false] it doesn’t add colours to the output.

I thought the issue might be that Whidbey finds the Lein REPL task and injects itself during the task. With Rebel readline starting it can’t do this.

I tried seeing if specifically telling it to use the Whidbey capabilities by calling a Lein profile would trigger it, but that’s not making any difference:

lein with-profile +whidbey/repl rebl 

At that point I’m out of ideas.

A simpler form of this question might be how do you send REPL options during rebel-readlines start?

I noticed that :repl {:repl-options {:init (require '[clojure.repl :refer :all])}} doesn’t work. I have to create a user.clj file and initiate things there.

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