Can this be done without a complicated regex


Im busy with a challenge of exercism
I have a line like this :

[error] :  This is a error message 

So now I have to take out the error part which can also be info or warning and the actual text.
Is there a way I can make this work without a complicated regex ?
If not, can anyone help me to figure out how the regex must look like ?

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First thought:

user> (def s "[error] :  This is a error message ")
user> (->> (clojure.string/split s #":")
           (map clojure.string/trim))
("[error]" "This is a error message")

And here’s a regex in case that’s helpful:

user> (re-find #"\[([^\]]+)\]\s+:\s+(.+)$" s)
["[error] :  This is a error message " "error" "This is a error message "]
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