Chestnut 0.16.0 is out

Long overdue, I just pushed a new version of the Chestnut Clojure/ClojureScript web application template to Clojars.

Notable new features:

  • Bidi support. Use the +bidi flag. thanks ponkore!
  • With +edge Chestnut will figure out what the latest released versions of libraries are, and use those. With +bleeding-edge it’ll also consider snapshot versions.
  • With +help you can now get an overview of all supported options
$ lein new chestnut +help
Chestnut: friendly Clojure/ClojureScript application template

Usage: lein new chestnut <app-name> <options>
 e.g.: lein new chestnut dating-for-hamsters +http-kit +re-frame +code-of-conduct

  +http-kit             Use the http-kit web server, instead of Jetty.
  +site-middleware      Use Ring's site-middleware, instead of the api-middleware. (session support)
  +less                 Use the LESS CSS pre-processor.
  +sass                 Use the SASS CSS pre-processor.
  +garden               Use Garden for writing CSS in Clojure
  +reagent              Use Reagent as UI library.
  +re-frame             Use re-frame as UI framework
  +rum                  Use Rum as UI library
  +om-next              Use om-next as UI library
  +vanilla              Don't use a UI library (vanilla Javascript)
  +code-of-conduct      Add a Code of Conduct to the project (Contributor Covenant)
  +coc                  Add a Code of Conduct to the project (Contributor Covenant)
  +edge                 Automatically upgrade all libraries to the latest non-SNAPSHOT version.
  +bleeding-edge        Automatically upgrade all libraries to the latest versions, inclusing SNAPSHOT releases.
  +no-poll              Don't submit usage information
  +help                 Show this help information and exit.

Please consult the Chestnut README ( as well as the README in the generated project.

Also a special thanks to @featheredtoast for helping me triage issues!

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