Chestnut 0.7.0 released to Clojars

Chestnut 0.7.0 has been deployed to Clojars.

Chestnut is an application template that provides a solid and complete starting point for a web application using Clojure, Clojurescript, and Om. It ships out of the box with a great development experience, including a browser-connected REPL, instant reloading of nearly everything, and examples of clj/cljs unit tests.

Chestnut aims to be exceptionally beginner friendly.

Using lein new chestnut app-name will automatically give you the latest goodness.

The main changes are built-in support for unit testing, as well as the use of figwheel-sidecar, which makes the dependency footprint of your app much smaller by no longer depending directly on Leiningen. Have a look at the Changelog for details.

While snapshot versions of 0.7.0 have been available for some time, this version has taken a while to yield a stable release. We decided to freeze some library versions in the 0.7.0 for stability, which means that not everything is as up-to-date as it could be. This release should be a good starting point for preparing the 0.8 release, which will contain Om 0.8.x, as well as updated Clojurescript, Figwheel, and others.

As part of this release we’re soft-launching, a Discourse based message board, to bring together the community of Chestnut users and developers.