Chestnut - Compojure resources route not resolving to dev-target

I was using bidi and couldn’t get middleware to work properly. (I assume because calling wrap-mw on the output of bidi’s make-handler can’t actually compose, but I didn’t test this.)

In any case, I reverted manually to Compojure, and everything seems fine (I need to integration test my API POST routes to see if the multipart-params middleware applied.), but now it’s 404-ing on the compiled JS application file. I have to assume that the dev-target directory isn’t properly being included in the Ring (resources “/”) search path, given that CSS files are found properly.

I have to also assume this is specific to me because I reverted manually from bidi, and this works properly for fresh invocations of Chestnut with Compojure.

Any thoughts?

I can at least assure you that Dev-target isn’t supposed to be part of your resources. Lots of history with cljc files being recompiled in cljs land causing issues with reloaded.repl - if the compiled cljs files are in the class path clj reloading gets super confused.

Not sure I’m able to tell you what’s wrong without some kind of repro though…

I figured it out!

The Chestnut template for ./dev/user.clj defines dev-system by overriding the :middleware key, which assumes that the :handler component was included in the system by using something named :middleware.

In my middleware reorganization (the whole thing which led me to abandon bidi for Compojure), I only did endpoint-specific middleware and dispensed entirely with site-wide middleware. Therefore the dev-system :handler didn’t have a reference to the extended :middleware with [wrap-file "dev-target"] in it.

As an additional point, because dev-system fetches the site-wide middleware from the config on the :middleware key, you have to make sure to maintain site-wide middleware in the config and nowhere else, otherwise dev-system will drop them. (Incidentally, this explains why I couldn’t nest maps under the :middleware key in the config.)

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