Chestnut feature flag stats

Since the previous release Chestnut phones home. So far there have been 315 installs. These are the most popular feature flags

  • 80 +garden
  • 79 +reagent
  • 72 +http-kit
  • 43 +om-next
  • 30 +re-frame
  • 28 +site-middleware
  • 27 +rum
  • 25 +sass
  • 15 +vanilla
  • 13 +less
  • 14 +code-of-conduct

I’m a bit surprised Garden is so popular. Not at all surprised by Reagent’s popularity. Cool that at least a few people find a Code of Conduct important enough to add it from the start.

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For me, Garden is to CSS what Reagent is to React. Love it for succinct theme generation (you can easily build your own Twitter Bootstrap generator with extensible configuration).

Edit: Love the chestnut template also. It’s my go-to template for projects with clj + cljs! Thanks for your work.