CLJS: generate "GET" http request string

My code has a (js/Audio. "path-string") portion, where that path string needs to be a GET string with arguments. It works if I write that string by hand, and those strings are auto-generated elsewhere in the guts of cljs-ajax, but I couldn’t find in that codebase any function I could use. I’m loathe to roll my own for what must be a highly common use case. What can I use in cljs to generate strings like '`?

You probably mean query parameters.

From the README:

:params - the parameters that will be sent with the request, format dependent: :transit and :edn can send anything, :json, :text and :raw need to be given a map. GET will add params onto the query string, POST will put the params in the body

e.g.: :params {:arg1 3, :arg2 5}

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You might look into using some some closure functions. (goog.uri.utils)

 '[goog.string :as string]
 '[goog.uri.utils :as uri])

(uri/appendParamsFromMap ""
                         #js {:a 1
                              :b (string/urlEncode "example query param")})


Another option is the WHATWG URL class

(doto (js/URL. "")
   (doto (js/URLSearchParams.) (.append "k1" "v1") (.append "k2" "v2"))))

This should work in modern browsers and can be made to work in node as well.

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goog.uri.utils is super nice, I didn’t know about that namespace. Another hidden GCL gem.

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Yep; that’s the syntax for the actual AJAX requests. Now I don’t want a request – just a string

This looks great! I’ve got to sit down and just study closure lib sometime, somehow.

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Sorry, misunderstood the question.

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