– first Russian conference

First Russian Clojure conference is to be held in Moscow Russia on October 26th.
This is an incremental step up from the regular meetups. This conference will host six different speakers. We estimate that more than 70 people will attend.
There are more than 500 people on Russian-speaking Clojure communities on Slack and Telegram, many of which work for the US or European companies, others work in finance or startups. Moscow itself is a wonderful city offering foreigners great service at very competitive prices. You are welcome to access this community and the city both as a speaker or an attendee.
We are open for your paper proposals at



Так, я сказал всё словы как я понемаю по Русский.

What language are the talks going to be in? Do you recommend foreigners to attend? For Norwegians, I know the Visa situation was tense when back in 2015, but I haven’t paid much attention to it since then. That being said, Moscow has been one of the cities I’ve really remembered visiting, as someone with a Norwegian cultural background.


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Hi Teodor! Thank you for your interest.

Unfortunately, the visa situation is still tense, for the UK, the US and most of Europe.
But, as you say – Moscow usually is a great souvenir for the most people :slight_smile:

We currently have two confirmed speakers whose talks are planned to be in Russian.
We really welcome the talks in English, that’s one of the goals of this thread.

Most of the audience speaks English really well or well enough to understand / support conversation, ask meaningful questions.
Depending on the amount of foreign interest we can do a state of the union kind of thing, to highlight the state of the affairs in Russian-speaking Clojure communities – who works where, what industries, firms etc.

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when does “call for proposals” close?
hope Moscow is not too cold in October :smile_cat:

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Bonjour Théo! Thank you for your interest!
We’re still open, so we would love to get yours at
Average temperature in the end of October is around 3±2 degrees, so be sure get a good coat or just buy one here in a Codered store – sewed and sourced locally.

Ce serait cool de voir un Clojurist francophone finalement ! On a beaucoup du café de spécialité si tu aimes ça.
À bientôt !

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Videos from the Russian Clojure conference, featuring:

  • Niqola Ryzhikov – Test front on the back. clj, cljs, re-frame + some engineering thoughts
  • Vlad Bokov – Hacking on clojure.core & runtime
  • Ivan Grishaev – Datalog on top of SQL
  • Mike Ananev (Sberbank) – Data ecosystems. Data-driven approach to build a B2B metadata system.
  • Lev Rasskazov - Managing stateful objects and dependencies between them
  • Alexey Kudryavtsev (Arrival) - Versioning in Datomic: Beyond History API

Join us next October! Moscow is full of nice places, well worth making a visa.
We’ll make sure you’re warmly welcome :smile:

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Thanks for the links!

I’ll try to keep that in mind for next year. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if you announced with some more fanfare (perhaps even bordering to spamming a bit?). Personally, I might need more than two months in advance in order to plan and arrange a trip.

Is there an E-mail list I can sign up on to be notified when dates are set for next year’s conference?

Hope the conference went as well as you could hope for!


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