Because we (the maintainers) lost access to the infrastructure hosting, that site has gradually become very stale, with no updates since 2018 – even though we’ve been able to update the repository and accept pull requests from people.

After several discussions with Michael Klishin who originally set up the site, I have moved the content to GitHub - clojure-doc/ Clojure Guides | Getting Started With Clojure | Clojure Tutorials so that we can publish changes again! is the new version of the site. Still needs some styling love but all the content has been converted from Jekyll/Markdown to Cryogen/Markdown (so the site is “powered by Clojure” now instead of Ruby).

Some of the material is a bit outdated but contributions are welcome via Discussions, Issues, and Pull Requests on the new repository.


For others, note that is not This confused me at first, so maybe it would confuse someone else.

( is unchanged afaik (I love ClojureDocs!), and in fact it is referenced as a separate site on the github source site for the new docs site.)

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Yes, this has always been a point of confusion but that’s where we are.

See Clojure Guides: About ( for the rationale and explanation about why it exists, what it is, and what it is not – where it calls out and links to both the Cheat Sheet and the ClojureDocs sites.

I’m hoping that Michael Klishin still has the keys to the DNS setup so we can get the domain pointed at the GitHub version.

Yeah, I’m not complaining! I was unaware of clojure-doc before now, but it seems like a great resource under any name.

thanks for the awesome information.

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