Clojure for High Energy Physics

Summary: Please look at, topic: “Developed a prototype to access ROOT from LISP”. It’s Discourse, so no account needed.

Rationale: jank is the C++Clojure in the quarterly tier of Clojurists together. It relies on CERN’s ROOT technology. The currency at CERN (in academics) is citable papers. So with help I wrote one. Like Clojureverse, ROOT has its own Discourse server, where the paper is announced and jank creator Jeaye Wilkerson already commented.

to give jank traction at CERN, please give it a view :slight_smile:
thank you


Here’s the direct link: Developed a prototype to access ROOT from LISP - Evolution Proposals, Apps & Ideas - ROOT Forum

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My understanding is that kloimhardt is trying to use lisp (ferret specifically) with ROOT. My not knowing what ROOT is, I read the abstract about ROOT and I saw that it uses Cling, or maybe Cling was developed for ROOT. I know that jank uses Cling too, and I remember Jeaye saying that Cling was developed at CERN. It seems that kloimhardt didn’t know about @jeaye’s work with jank. If I’m understanding correctly, I hope that kloimhardt decides to use jank!

Its all the same guy, me. I used Ferret, because at the time of writing my Lisp/ROOT interop, Jeaye was just working out his way of doing C++ interop. To my understanding, jank was going to be very similar to Ferret in that respect and so I startet to figure out how ROOT could be accessed. The goal always was to pave a way for jank.

Ah, I see, thanks for the clarification, and for the work you’re doing!

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