Clojure formatting with cljstyle

Hi! Once I found an interesting discussion about Clojure formatters. I think the idea of universal Clojure formatting is really useful. In the post, I described a way to get it with minimal effort right now using cljstyle tool while separated formatter doesn’t exist. Also, the post shows few practical aspects of adding auto-formatting to a project in general.


cljfmt is really great I used to use it a lot, but it doesn’t have a supported binary.

I didn’t try it, but it should be possible to create binary using native-image since this pr: was merged.

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@nenadalm Yes you are right, I even found a couple of that attempts on gitlab. But the keyword here is supported. I even thought to build one but eventually found cljstyle. Also I noticed that cljstyle has a couple of features I really like, for instance: forcing to keep any amount of blank lines between forms; ability to force splitting defn definitions by lines. So I decided that it is the ready and good alternative.

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