Clojure-garden: a community org for maintaining libraries and forks

Hi all,

I’m starting an opensource organization called clojure-garden.

The main purpose of the organization will be to create/work/maintain some libraries in centralized manner so that if a maintainer want to step back from that project, people can join/continue the work on that library and we could avoid increased number of forks that we have for different libraries, or also pr that are forgotten etc.

From my personal perspective I don’t want to focus on the quantity, and the main motivation for doing this is merely to bring thing forward from dev to dev.

For any suggestion or if you want to know more about it, you can read the readme here: Or just feel free to write here. My plan is to update currently tentacles.

Hi @MalloZup, great idea! This looks like it has quite similar goals to, would you consider joining forces?


And clj-commons does appear to have taken on maintainership of the tentacles library, here:


Hi Daniel thx. I didn’t know the existence of that project! Sure fore make sense and more fun to join effort

In the concrete example the repo dependencies are outdated. How could I fix it a part of sending a Pr? releasing the clojars seem to me not obvious since I would need to have access . How can I join a different project and or see if there is an active maintainer on the project which might need help ? Tia

I am no sure I understand. You want to help make changes to the tentacles project that is under the clj-commons umbrella project, but you do not want to create a PR and work with the current maintainers to get that PR accepted? Because you need a released JAR on today at the latest, or something like that?

I’d recommend opening an issue on that project and ask whether the existing maintainer is open to another maintainer, and/or a relatively soon release of a new version with the changes you have in mind.

If they do not respond in a time that fits your schedule, you always have the options you did before – make your own JAR locally and use that, or create your own JAR on Clojars, preferably with a different name on the project in hopes that it won’t confuse others who wonder where it came from.

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Thx Andy’ sounds good. I will open an issue there and move forward things there. Tentacles is only an example I might need to use other projects. For me make sense to maintain there projects and help. Making prs and coding is something I enjoy to do. Thx for hints

As already commented, it looks like clj-commons is very similar to what you are describing, and joining forces is a great idea :smiley:

My suggestion for anybody to get something fixed on a library they use is to do this:

  • Fix whatever you need to fix. Test that it works by doing lein install locally.
  • Open a PR upstream
  • Change the name of the project in your project.clj to something like org.clojars.yourusersname/projectname. That is the recommended hierarchy on clojars.
  • Deploy it and just use it, it’s on clojars.
  • Whenever upstream accepts your PR, you can switch to use their deployed clojars version.

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