Clojure general performance profiling 2023?

I have an app that might be performing poorly in our production environment. I want to take a look-see at if there are any red alerts for performance (e.g. any chokepoints). I don’t see any leads in the Clojure Toolbox. What, in 2023, are the best Clojure CLJ profilers?

I’d start with GitHub - clojure-goes-fast/clj-async-profiler: Embedded high-precision Clojure profiler

The website,, has a lot of good materials as well.

If that somehow leaves you wanting, there’s always VisualVM.


Thanks! I had only found Tufte and, though I’m a big fan of taoennso’s work, I am happy to see alternatives. Indeed, clj-async looks really good, and with some nifty data visualizations. Thanks!

The toolbox relies on community suggestions to add libraries and tools. Just sayin’… :slight_smile:

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Tufte is great, and so’s the async profiler. I’ve also used JDK MIssion Control to good effect (in particular for memory profiling)

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It’s been several years since I last needed to do profiling, but back then I was quite happy with YourKit ( and used it to successfully improve performance.

It’s normally a GUI tool, but you can connect remotely and do server-side profiling as well.

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