Clojure in Clojure?

From time to time, I see mention of “clojure in clojure”, which should allow easier porting to other hosts. How far away is “clojure in clojure”?

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I think pretty far. I don’t think this is a goal of the Clojure team, so no one is working on this as far as I know.

ClojureScript can build itself though. So it might be a better target to port to other platform.

Nicola Mometto has broken his work on Clojure in Clojure into a suite of tools:

With the goal of understanding the core language better, it would be an interesting exercise to rewrite Clojure in a manner similar to how ClojureScript is written, perhaps with an eye towards the self-hosted ClojureScript work. The underlying host is different, of course, but that would be part of the learning process.

While not Clojure In Clojure, one might also look at Dunaj, which is “a set of core language experiments aimed to improve Clojure language and its core API. Dunaj is an effort to bring Clojure even more towards simplicity, consistency and performance.”

There used to be a lot more talk of CiC and it has faded because of a lack of people complaining about specific pain points created by not having it. Last i heard, the general approach is through the clojurescript compiler, not the existing jvm compiler

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