Clojure+Java Emacs setup

Studying dtype-next, I am realizing that for some time I haven’t had a full Java dev environment.

In the past, I used to uncomfortably shift between Eclipse/IntelliJ to a very partial dev experience at Emacs through emacs-eclim and such. Nowadays, I hear the situation might be better, thanks to the Language Server Protocol.

Still, I wonder how that may play well with a Leiningen project that contains both Clojure and Java.

Does anybody here have a recommended Emacs (preferably Spacemacs) setup for Clojure+Java development?

I did a lot of combined Java + Clojure work until a year ago, and switching between IntelliJ and Emacs was the best setup back then (also, this was a maven-based codebase)… I’ve had moderate success in setting up LSP-mode and DAP under doom emacs, but I haven’t really put much effort into it (luckily, not doing any Java these days)

Many thanks, @mvarela. It helps a lot to know.