Clojure Nancy small hacking working group

Hi all,

I would like to know if there are some people around Nancy in France and create kind of local community around clojure, fp, opensource and intellectual exchange without any marketing or 3rd intention.

Since I don’t want to pay for a group in meet-up, I have create a github repo for organizing things.

I don’t have any expectations and I think having already 3 or 5 people would be already nice. (we could meet in some bars or something less formal like when you have 50 participants)

Feel free to spend an issue there if you have any interest

You may first try to present the idea to already existing groups there. I know, which is a generalist meetup.

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Hi thx for answer. Actually I would like to be indipendent from meet-up groups because I don’t 'like much their concept of organizator which need to pay, etc and all the logic behind. I know I might be unpopular but for me the goal would be maybe 5 max 10 people to focus on clojure, functional part, design and opensource and not the web only and via that platform. Thx for sharing but I think I’m looking for creating something a real small alternative working group, indipent from platform, domain and marketing. Allthough I might come to a apero web there as visitor from time to time :unicorn::slight_smile::grimacing:

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