Clojure programming miniseries available on the web

I believe there is a place for unstructured videos of Clojure practice of varying levels. Not a course, not a tutorial, just practice. Motivation and teaching principles are explained in a presentation video which has links to the various episodes.

In the series, we query the TMDb API for movie titles, discussing possible approaches. In particular, we revisit explicit recursion, loop/recur and the sequence API.

I believe the value is for beginners up to intermediate practitioners, but I have no other way to know for sure unless you tell me. I am monitoring the subscription rate on the channel to gauge real interest or lack thereof before following up with more material.

In the spirit of constructionism where you learn by doing, as well as learn with what you already know, I say: to your REPLs!

Start here.


Great video series, I am just going through them now, thank you. Hope you are motivated to do many more.

I have been doing similar approach to videos on my YouTube channel too. From walk throughs of small challenges to building server-side and client-side apps.

Thank you.

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Hi John,

What a delight. I am aware of your work since way back, via your blog at

You’re a force for good in the community. Thank you!

Motivation is a big issue, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to go forward is to have a plan.

My plan is to license Meyvn which will become the vehicle to support the open source work.

What keeps you motivated? I see you have the donation buttons on your website. Do you rely on it for income or is it a side gig?

Anyway, thank you so much for getting in touch. Best wishes.


Hello Daniel,
Thank you for the kind words.

I have been very grateful for the small donations I get, but I have only received about 10 cups of tea worth of contributions so far. So this is an in-between jobs effort, or when I take a break from work.

Motivation is that I still feel I have a lot to learn about Clojure and doing the work for Practicalli help me convince myself I know what I am talking about. I also learn a lot from other peoples questions and comments. It would be nice if people look at my content and just hire me, rather than going through a long drawn out (usually quite flawed) interview process.

I would like to be able to add some commercial or financial support to this work to be able to improve and enhance the work, but I want to keep as much content for free as possible as I don’t want to add a barrier that stops people learning Clojure.

I do have a plan, but I believe I need to document that clearly so that others can see what I am trying to achieve. This will also ensure I make the most of the free time I spend doing this work.

Thanks again and good luck with everything.

Hi John,

I just wanted to share that I enjoyed listening to your conversation with Ray and Vijay. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.


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