Clojure Sound initial release

Clojure Sound is a library for transforming digital media and communicating with MIDI devices. 0.1.0 released!

I haven’t written documentation for each function yet, but the whole Java Sound tutorial is covered as midje tests, which is even more useful because it shows how each function works in context of real use cases.


Hi @draganrocks, very cool! Always happy to see stuff happening in the Clojure/Music intersection. Can you tell us a little more about it? What made you decide to write this? How does it compare for instance to Overtone’s midi-clj? Are you planning to make some cool tunes with this?

Hi @plexus

I plan to write more about it, but can’t do it at the moment due to lots of other work on my plate. Regarding overtone’s midi-clj, Clojure Sound aims at full fine-grained support instead of just a convenient API for selected higher-level functionality, and in addition to midi, covers the sampled sound data-related functionality (mixing, lines, etc.). + it will be maintained and updated regularly, AND comes with examples covering the Java Sound tutorial, AND I’ll be writing lots of tutorials and examples in the future. Not to mention that I plan to build lots of stuff on top of it (also utilizing Neanderthal & Deep Diamond) but that’s a bit further in the future.


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