Clojure support on Leetcode

Please, help me get more upvotes so they notice that Clojure has some demand.

Leetcode is a great service when it comes to solving algorithmic tasks.
I like it particularly for these reasons:

  1. Tasks descriptions are short, but still complete;
  2. It’s popular, and lot’s of companies use tasks from Leetcode.
  3. Gamification. It’s a fan to compete with others, making your solutions faster. You have your github-like profile here.
  4. Huge amount of tasks;

4clojure is good, but lacks 3 and 4 points above.
Codewars lacks 1 and 3.


Voted. Remember that Exercism is gamified too and has great Clojure /CLJS support.

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Thank you! I forget about this one


Not quite the same but I’d never tried project euler before and am having quite a good time. Enjoying it more than any other programming exercises (besides foobar !).
Covers points 1, 3, 4, and has a degree of popularity, which seems mostly internal, especially because accessing discussion threads requires finding the solution, plus probably its age. Because it’s language-agnostic, clojure is working great

It would be fun to see other answers in clojure for anyone who’s never used that site!

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