Clojure visual-tools meeting 11 - summary & video: tooling for learning resources, a peek into Data Rabbit

On Sep 2nd we had the 11th meeting of the visual-tools group, a group for collaborations across different Clojure projects for literate programming and data visualization.

This was a monthly meeting, where we mainly discussed our plans regarding tooling for learning resources. The main question asked was how to create notes of the coming courses, workshops, and tutorials, in a way that would be copy-paste friendly for different visual tools.

We also had a little intro to Data Rabbit by Ryan Robitaille – a promo to the main topic of meeting 12.


Next meetings

The next time we meet will be this Friday, with a special meeting dedicated to Data Rabbit.

Will you join us?

Please reach out if you are interested in this group.
It is recommended to follow the #visual-tools Zulip stream and the Slack channel of the same name.

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