Clojure Web Server Performance

Round18 of TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks are out. reitit entry did well, being fastest of all Clojure, Scala and Kotlin entries (my favourite JVM languages) on physical hardware and second or first on cloud setup in all tests it was submitted. The JSON entry was only 3% slower than the fastest c++ entry. Not bad for a dynamically typed language using immutable data structures.

Clojure libraries used:

The async sql test was badly configured and it was much slower than the JDBC version, will try to make it good too, should be much faster (and non-blocking). Ideas and help on tuning the tests most welcome. Also, will start using pohjavirta as a simple and fast web server. Have toyed also with vert.x clojure bindings as the async SQL library used already uses it under the hoods.

Benchmarks shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but I think we can say Clojure can be fast too :wink:

Top Clojure, Scala & Kotlin entries on physical hardware:


Nice to see that you can “supercharge” next.jdbc by providing a custom builder!

… thanks to the awesome extension api in next.jdbc!

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