:clojureD presentation: Calva says, Welcome to Clojure! ♥️

At :clojureD this year I was invited to tell about Calva. Here’s the presentation:

You’ll learn how both Calva and the Calva team works, and about some ways Calva relies on the.work of many awesome Clojurians. And also about how important it is that we all listen to cries for help, even when they are only spelled out between the lines.


My biggest problem when I decided to learn Clojure was setting up the tooling, so it’s great to see the point of entry for new programmers being made as easy for Clojure as it is for imperative languages. Thank you.


Here’s an attempt at bringing the setup down to zero for the beginner curious to learn the language.

I’ll post something longer about it tomorrow, but the main idea is that if we build up some momentum before the users are supposed to start installing and configuring stuff, they are less likely to churn.


I just took advantage of this to spin up a VS Code/Calva space to help a beginner on Slack so I could just put their code into a scratch file and eval it and evolve it to get a solution for them – without having to worry about files on disk or interfering with any of the code I have locally!

And I discovered that even tho’ I have VS Code on Gitpod configured to hide nREPL and to use Clover and a Socket REPL (for all of my OSS projects), I could still easily jack-in with nREPL and use Calva’s built-in eval stuff for helping the beginner.

This is awesome!


That reminds me: I’ve been wanting to add a scratch bb session to Calva for a while.

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