ClojureScript on Firebase Cloud Functions

Matt Huebert walks through using Firebase (“an ever-expanding layer of comfort and simplicity built on top of Google Cloud”) to rapidly build Clojurescript services in ClojureScript on Firebase Cloud Functions.

The template is available on GitHub:


Hi, this is a very good idea to easy the use use of Firebase for Clojure(Script) developer. I must say, I discovered this platform recently and found it really amazing.

I would like to know, is this template still maintained? Or more generally, will this template be maintained to keep up with the Firebase evolution?
Because as you said, it’s “an ever-expandang layer”.

The template is only intended to be a simple starting point, and not any kind of “layer” on top of Firebase. We would accept PRs if anything stops working, but won’t be updating it every time a new version of Firebase or shadow-cljs is released.

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