ClojureScript or Babashka for AWS Lambdas?

Hello fellow Clojurians! Hope you are all doing well.

My question is very direct: what’s the best dialect for writing AWS Lambdas, and what are the pitfalls? At the company I work, we are considering implementing some lambdas in Clojure and would like to know the state of maturity across different options.

Nbb (CLJS + SCI on Node.js) might be the easiest way to get started with AWS Lambda + Clojure.

See this documentation.

You can see a blog post about that here.

If you have doubts about nbb not being mature or performant enough, you can easily migrate your code to a shadow-cljs project later on.

That said, babashka on AWS is also an option and several people have been doing that too.


Nbb looks like THE perfect fit!! It seems to be pretty much plug and play, which is very good to test, prototype and experiment around until deciding for sure. I’m planning on writing in detail how to integrate ts + cljs with malli, and Nbb could be a good addition to the article.


Let me know if you have any questions. There is an nbb channel on Clojurians Slack as well.

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