ClojureScript Podcast


There is something new I have been working on and can’t wait to share it with you!

This time it’s all about audio - it’s a podcast. With a focus on ClojureScript and also covers Clojure.

Premiering on 8th of May 2019


Very awesome trailer!

Some good focus on ClojureScript was what was missing from the Clojure space of the podcast world.


Nice trailer! I just subscribed, looking forward to episode 1. I think you’re right that there’s demand for ClojureScript focus in the Clojure podcasting space.

Would you consider hosting related discussion here on ClojureVerse? I often have questions after having listened to episodes of The REPL, and would really appreciate an endorsed place to discuss.

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Hey there, thanks for your commetns.
Sure you can always start a disucssion and we can always discusst things further.

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Added to my Overcast subscriptions right away — I use ClojureScript every day and my business depends on it, so I’m very interested!