ClojureScript Podcast

There is something new I have been working on and can’t wait to share it with you!

This time it’s all about audio - it’s a podcast. With a focus on ClojureScript and also covers Clojure.

Premiering on 8th of May 2019


Very awesome trailer!

Some good focus on ClojureScript was what was missing from the Clojure space of the podcast world.


Nice trailer! I just subscribed, looking forward to episode 1. I think you’re right that there’s demand for ClojureScript focus in the Clojure podcasting space.

Would you consider hosting related discussion here on ClojureVerse? I often have questions after having listened to episodes of The REPL, and would really appreciate an endorsed place to discuss.

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Hey there, thanks for your commetns.
Sure you can always start a disucssion and we can always discusst things further.

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Added to my Overcast subscriptions right away — I use ClojureScript every day and my business depends on it, so I’m very interested!



I’m bumping this since there’s been a lot of interesting episodes since this thread was created. Check out to preview them on-line, or search for “Clojurescript Podcast” on your podcast reader. Here’s what I’ve gotten out of the episodes:

First, David Nodel motivates why we should consider ClojureScript. Why should we target the browser? And what does that look like?

  • Episode 1: Why ClojureScript with David Nolen.

Then Russ Olsen gives a thorough introduction to Clojure, the language. A fine introduction to Clojure if you’re coming to Clojure from JavaScript, for instance.

  • Episode 2: Data with Russ Olsen, author of Getting Clojure: What does it mean to do data-driven programming? What are the ways to model data with Clojure?
  • Episode 3: Code with Russ Olsen, author of Getting Clojure: How do we write and run functions? What is a namespace, and how do we use them?
  • Episode 4: State with Russ Olsen, author of Getting Clojure: How do we handle mutable state with Clojure?

As a ClojureScript programmer, you’re going to be using the ClojureScript compiler – which you might want to spend some effort understanding. Mike Fikes is a core contributor to the ClojureScript compiler, and gives a good overview.

  • Episode 5: ClojureScript compiler with Mike Fikes

If you’ve tried to use javascript packages from ClojureScript, you’ve probably heard the Google Closure compiler mentioned. Bradford Smith is a core Google Closure contributor, and gives a view from the other side of the fence!

  • Episode 6: Google Closure Compiler with Bradford Smith

Thanks for the high-quality content, @jacekschae! Also want to mentioned that I got your Learn Re-frame course, which I’ve been really happy with. You go through the material thourougly, which was just what I needed. I’ve been fiddling with Figwheel and browser REPLs for some time myself, and your course really helped provide context and give a structured, practical entry into the ClojureScript ecosystem.


Thanks so much for these kind words! Glad to hear that you like the podcast and the course! There is more to come in Season 1!

I’m subscribed, all ready and looking forward to it!

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ClojureScript Podcast will be on a summer break :sunny:. We’ll be back in fall with Season 2!

How could we improve 2nd season? I would love to hear from you - positive and negative.

Enjoy the summer break!