Clojurescript stock market/portfolio demo app

Hi everyone

I spent a while working on this web app. I got to a point where I think I’m in dire need of massive code refactoring and also hitting a mental block in terms of deciding where I want to go with this project and am starting to mentally declare bankruptcy on the project.

I wanted to release it for feedback and the possibility that it might demonstrate some useful things to people (ie how to combine the libraries used). Or it might just be an example of bad code :grin:

A live demo is available here:

Any feedback/questions/comments/ideas/PRs welcome!

It would be interesting to learn why you think you need massive refactoring?

Give this baby some CSS love and it looks good to me.
I’m working with rum and Ant components (using antizer) and appreciate any rum project to compare notes with.

Thanks, I appreciate that!

It’s possible that it’s just a case of being too close to the code for too long and burning out and so I’m overly pessimistic on it.

But basically I feel that I haven’t been particularly consistent with how I manage state or how I manage UI components. It’s been pretty much all ad hoc “I need some place to store this, let’s make a new var!” and “this component now needs to get to access state, let’s just reference the state var and rum/react to it” and then, later “let’s add it as a argument [sometimes in an argmap, sometimes not]”. Basically I haven’t been consistent in a lot of these areas and it starts to feel bad after awhile.

Most recently I had the thought that I should add a default portfolio name if the user doesn’t provide one for the portfolio form here:

The default name should be “portfolioX” where X is the count of portfolios. So now this component needs to (reactively) access all the portfolios, or at least the count of them. Which I suppose I could just easily add. But I guess after a while as the app gets bigger I’m just slowly starting to reference global state everywhere in an ad hoc basis as needed. I’m not even sure that passing the state as an argument does anything to make the code nicer, it just adds a layer of indirection, but there is still an increasing pile of interconnected spaghetti.

I think the essence of this rambling and my frustrations might just be that “UIs are hard because they are inherently big piles of mutable state”.

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