Clojurescript unobstrusive notifications?

We are looking for clean, minimally-obtrusive ways of doing notifications in our webapp. We are picturing a colored ribbon at top or bottom of the screen that will say things like “update successful” or “item deleted”, or such that you have no doubt experienced as much as I have while using webapps. We are looking for solutions in Google Closure, Clojure, or lastly, Javascript Land. What do you recommend or have you used?

In JS land they usually call those “toaster” libs, if you’re having trouble searching for it. toast-notifications · GitHub Topics · GitHub

They’re not that complicated to build in CLJS - might be good to just check out a JS one you like and research its feature set and then just re-implement it in CLJS.

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ah! Toaster – that’s right. I remember now that is the same name for them in mobile (React Native) development

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I would think that Google Closure would provide Toasts; it feels like something in their wheelhouse. They also have a tendency to name them strange non-standard things. But I don’t see any Toast notification stuff in Closure, though they do pop-ups and modals

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Is it the same thing that in Flutter they call a “snackbar”?

Component libraries like Bulma or Materia UI often include a toast or snackbar element. Examples:

Not sure if you’re already using a component library but if you are then maybe it includes something similar.

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